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Getting outside when there are extreme cold warnings seems counterintuitive to wellness and...sometimes it is. This is a picture of me today and it is blustery out there. I'm a big fan of layering, today called for lots of layers, and I've let go of dressing for fashion when it's cold outside.

But, there are other ways to connect with nature even in the cold, frosty days of winter. Grab a warm cup of tea (or something that warms your heart), sit in a comfy chair, put your electronic device down and look out your window.

Notice what you see outside. How the snow sits on the individual tree branches. How the snow has drifted on your neighbours roof. Which way the smoke goes when coming out of your neighbors chimney. The layers of clothes the neighbour is wearing while they walk in front of your house walking their dog (is their dog wearing a coat or booties).

Maybe even touch the window - is it cold? Hold your hand there for a minute.

Take a moment and check in with yourself after you've connected with nature. Do you feel different than you did before? I know that I felt much better after today's walk.

Winter - like it or hate it, when you live in Canada you have to find a way to appreciate it.

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